Everyday Mindfulness

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 “This turns all my original thoughts about mindfulness on its head!”   “The course was a revelation to me; it was thought-provoking, stimulating and 'awakening'”   “Being mindful is freeing!”   “I'm experiencing times when I'm more fully able to live in the present moment.”    “I like checking in with myself throughout the day.”   “I feel I have benefitted hugely from this course with Colin.”   “I've gained in ways I didn't expect.  “I've noticed subtle changes in my thinking and actions in daily life ~ all for the better!   “I enjoyed the challenge of the subject.”  “I've started to notice more and more, and with that comes acceptance”    “I have learnt much more about mindfulness

and how to incorporate it into my life.”


 Usually about 10 people from all walks of life take part for 2 hours a week with handouts, plus homework, meditation practice and exercises. The past two courses have been evenings from 6-8pm on a Thursday,

and sometimes they are held in the day-time too, depending on demand.

'Learning to be Mindful in Everyday Life'

6 Week Group Course 2 hours each week


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Everyday Mindfulness - Noticing Observing Witnessing - NOW is Awareness!

Please get in touch if the 6 week group course would be of interest to you


*All proceeds from any of these activities are donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*


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