Everyday Mindfulness

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The individual guidance is basically the same as the 6 week group course,

but provides you with a much more personal and in-depth opportunity for learning. 


You may have attended one of my group courses before ~ sometimes people attend more than once!


You may have completed a course with me as an individual.


You may have been taught by others about mindfulness.


You may be following your own path in becoming more mindful.


Whatever brings you to this point, if you want to explore further and more deeply your personal understanding of what it means to be mindful, I'm here to help.


There are always the monthly meetings and the mindfulness events to help you to continue being mindful and to keep you in touch with others of a like mind, and in addition to those opportunities, here is a chance to further reinforce and more deeply develop your understanding of mindfulness by having some one hour one-to-one sessions with me.

Guidance for Individuals

Please get in touch if the individual guidance would be of interest to you

*All proceeds from any of these activities are donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*


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