Everyday Mindfulness

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Please get in touch if the mindful monthly meeting would be of interest to you

*There is a small donation for room hire and refreshments.

Any extra money is donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*


The first thing to say, is that these meetings are for everyone, whether they know about mindfulness or not!


Anyone new to Mindfulness is very welcome and they don’t have to know anything, bring anything or be prepared in any way. We're not a therapy group – we're a friendly group of ordinary people and it’s a time for mindful reflection and sharing. Being mindful is about taking moments to be aware of all there is to be aware of. We focus and pay attention to all our thoughts, feelings, and sensations – everything the mind does to help us make sense of our world. We notice the tendency of the mind to judge, analyse and make comparisons – everything it gets up to – so that, when we have problems, we don’t need to make them worse. We Notice, Observe, and Witness what is going on with the mind, in particular seeing how the mind gets stuck in the past and the future. We're not a religious group, we don't follow any particular tradition or philosophy, and we don’t have prayers, mantras, gestures, rituals or icons. We respect those of faith or no faith, and are open to all ideas and teachings - we just have a sincere intention to be more mindful in everyday life. To guide our reflections, we can pose questions about mindfulness for ourselves and the group using common themes such as, The Self, Body, Breath, Compassion, Thoughts, Feelings, Sensations, Change and so on. We draw deeply on our everyday life experiences and the work of various mindfulness inspired authors, and most of all on our ordinary everyday life experiences. Everyone is welcome.

Everyday Mindfulness ~ 'A Breathing Space for Busy People' ~

All Welcome! We meet the last Tuesday of each month

Winton House Petersfield 19.00–21.00  

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Everyday Mindfulness - Noticing Observing Witnessing - NOW is Awareness!

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