Everyday Mindfulness

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Please get in touch if the events planned for 2018 would be of interest to you


*All proceeds from any of these activities are donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*



These events involve a small group of people being mindful in real life,

and everyone is welcome whether they know anything about mindfulness or not.

We eat lunch mindfully to really enjoy and appreciate the food.

We go out into town mindfully to experience all there is to experience, as if for the very first time.

And we often listen to music mindfully too.

Being mindful in this way gives us plenty to reflect on.

Mostly so we can understand the difference between the experience itself, and what the mind is making of it all.

And we share all this mindfully with each other.

Guided informally by me, with the invitation of course to be at ease with yourself!


I really enjoy these events and people say they are useful and they get a lot out of them ~ it would be great if you could join us.

You can see what some people who came along said here:-

'Be Mindful ~ Be Alive!' Saturday Afternoon Events

Winton House 12.30~5pm

Planned for 2018:- Saturday April 7th; June 30th; September 29th

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