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Would You Like me to Give a Talk?

Recent talks/presentations have been given to:-

Everyday Mindfulness - Noticing Observing Witnessing - NOW is Awareness!



Ex-Table Business Group


Osteopathy Group


The Alzheimers Society


Tinnitus Support Group


The 5th International Conference on Fibromyalgia


"Thankyou for the resources and information!"

"From the feedback I got, a lot of people really enjoyed the mindful experience."

"Many thanks for your presentation which was excellent, informative, interesting and will prove

to be most helpful to those of us who normally live with troubled minds!"

"Thank you for giving up time to present at the conference.

The guided audio practices are already helping us become more centered and 'in the now'".

Please get in touch if a talk/presentation on mindfulness would be of interest to you

*All proceeds from any of these activities are donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*


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