Everyday Mindfulness

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Winton House 4 hours from 12.30 - 5pm :- Activities ~ 1. Eating and drinking Lunch mindfully.   2. Going out into Town mindfully.    3. Listening to music mindfully.     4. Sharing the direct experiences mindfully.    5. Reflecting personally in mindful awareness on the whole experience.


“It was a very enjoyable and thought provoking afternoon, and I really enjoyed the outing and the music.”


“Eating together in silence was very powerful, a slowing down and social experience, that got you focusing on your senses, taste buds and all!”


“Being able to wander around Petersfield on a beautiful winter’s afternoon for 30 minutes with complete freedom to observe anything that caught my interest with no underlying feelings or pressures that I should be doing A, B C, etc, was most helpful.”


“The mindful eating and mindful giving and receiving activities brought up some interesting things for me at a time of the year when these things can both be difficult."


“It was a good mix of activities, the right amount of being mindful and sharing with each other. I thought the giving and receiving exercise was fitting and appropriate for the time of year and creative. The whole afternoon was well facilitated, as so often it could have slipped into intellectualising about mindfulness. I liked the fact that I didn't have to choose where to sit too. That was very helpful as the social convention is to always sit with friends that you know. And Colin kept the tone light, and repeated often that everything the mind does is just what it does. It is all OK. There is no right or wrong. And I often just need to keep hearing that.”


“I really appreciated Colin’s gentle good humour, acceptance and sensitivity to what was going on for people. I felt I could stop worrying about what other people are feeling and thinking for a short while."


“The most helpful aspect for me was this whole concept of ‘choiceless awareness’.  And it felt so incredibly freeing to just be mindful of whatever there was to notice. Just whatever came into my awareness. Nothing to try and do or be, or to pay attention to specifically. Like Colin said, it was just noticing what entered my senses and this came in waves with different senses coming to the fore at different times. I find it incredible to think that just by taking part in the activities this afternoon I had an amazing time. And yet what was I doing? Just eating a satsuma, just walking around town, just listening  and just giving and receiving a gift. Just, just, just. And yet it is not 'just' anything.”


“The power of being mindful of everything within and around me just blows me away. And it is good for me to be steeped in such a full-on mindful afternoon, to kind of become saturated in it. It is an experience that somehow sinks in deeper. And to think that this amount of awareness is always available, wherever I am, whatever I am doing. That really just amazes me.”


“I like the venue (Winton House) and there was something powerful about stopping on a Saturday afternoon, while everyone else was busy Christmas shopping – we could see them through the window!”


“Eating mindfully was probably the aspect that was most helpful to me. It felt strange eating silently but it did enable me to be mindful, more than I have managed when trying at home. I did appreciate my food much more and I enjoyed my water (usually I have tea and don’t feel attracted to water)."


“I really liked the way Colin operated as a participator and practitioner [of mindfulness] not as a spectator behind a lectern; that lends the whole proceedings an authenticity that is compelling and real.”


“Being carried away by the music. It felt like surfing on a good day. I seemed to catch wave after wave.”


“Choosing to Slow down and see the cobweb lines in the sun and touch the buds of the tree, were positive mindful communing with nature moments!”


“Ending with a mindful giving and receiving with a twist, giving away 'your' present was both profound and powerful. What a great opportunity to practice and explore for Christmas.”


“I appreciated it that before Colin moved on to the next part of the afternoon he checked whether everything had been said. This meant that there was another opportunity for people to share, and not feel that they hadn't had time to do so. A small thing, but important. He kept the tone light for the afternoon, lots of opportunity for us to laugh at the mind and what it does. Our funny old minds. This helped make it an atmosphere of openness and laughter. His thoughtfulness of the whole afternoon shone through and I really felt that. He also picked up on what people said and then looked at some things in more depth and that was just great. Colin was listening and engaged and as much a part of what was happening, and not just someone at the front leading. As always he was respectful of all input from those there ~ always open.”  


“I feel that Colin was incredibly helpful in supporting the whole experience. Without his input, I think that I may never have actually understood the concept of being mindful.”


“So often life skills/tools like mindfulness become clothed in techno - or psycho-babble, and I found Colin’s straightforward approach both refreshing and useful.”


”I appreciated being in a group and if I could, I would come to the monthly meetings.”


“I'm just very thankful to Colin for this afternoon. It felt like a beautiful gift. With no wrapping, no ribbons. Just an opportunity to notice what was already there right under my nose.”


"Loved eating mindfully today. Just eating the foods you eat everyday more mindfully makes the food taste more intense."


"Listening to the music was a great experience. The discussion that followed afterwards was interesting and was led by Colin who listened and reflected on everything that was said whilst giving the opportunity for everyone to talk."


"Walking mindfully was great, being mindful of children and plants really made me feel happy and relaxed."


"Colin had some very interesting and "out-of-the-box" ideas of how to help us look at the world without pre-conceived ideas. Colin strongly encouraged all of us to share our feelings/thoughts after the exercises we had to do, made us listen to each other and I feel his presence made us listen and respect the thoughts and feelings of the others."  


"A very interesting afternoon with unexpected and unique ideas of how to experience mindfulness in spring."


"Eating lunch together mindfully was enjoyable as a it turned a very ordinary salad into a delicious meal, it felt like a real treat and to realise we could have this experience every meal time if we wanted. The most interesting for me was listening to the pieces of music and to hear how everybody felt so differently about what they had heard. To know that the person next to me had found the last piece exiting & energising whilst I had found it dark, forbidding and unsettling."


"Was good to be in a group of people all wanting to be more mindful and listening to their experiences of it. Left feeling peaceful and more hopeful about life."


"It was helpful to do the mindful eating again purely because it was a repeat yet it showed me how different the experience was.  And I love this about mindfulness... the same is never the same,  ever.  The music piece was interesting because of how we all felt it differently... we can never quite know how anything affects or is perceived by another.  And I loved hearing a piece of music that resonated so much with me.  That was very powerful!  I rarely listen to music,  yet it does go beyond words and language and touches something inside.  I'm not quite sure what that is. I also appreciated the parts where you spoke about aversion,  and reminding me that mindfulness is about turning towards it all. "



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