Everyday Mindfulness

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Introduction        This is the first audio to listen to about why and how we’re learning to be Mindful


HerePRESENT   (3 mins) How to be Mindfully awake to the reality of each fresh moment


MindPAUSE         (10 mins) How to Mindfully pause, check in and expand your awareness of the present moment


ThinkAWARE       (15 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of the thinking mind, observe and let go of thoughts


FeelAWARE         (15 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of feelings and take good care of them


SoundAWARE     (10 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of the direct experience of sound and let go of what the mind says about that experience


MoveAWARE       (15 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of yourself when you’re moving around


BodyAWARE       (23 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of your body and let go of physical sensations


CareAWARE       (16 mins) How to develop compassion towards yourself and others


BalanceAWARE (7.5 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of how the mind throws us off balance


Plus a bonus guide :-  SleepAWARE      (6 mins) How to be Mindfully aware of the natural process of sleep (See the SleepAWARE Handout)



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11 Mindfulness handouts

Mindfulness - A general introduction


Seven Pillars of Mindfulness - The key ways in which we can aspire to become more Mindful


Mindful Propositions - A further exploration of what it means to be Mindful


Mindful Misunderstandings - Common ways in which we go adrift


The MAD Game - MAD standing for Mindless Automatic Routines and how we can use them


Pro Tem Lisp - A way of returning to the present so we can speak more honestly from the heart


The Gift of Litter - A Mindful practice for everyday life


Telephone meditation - Another everyday life practice


A Reading List


MindCARD - A handy card to carry around to remind us to be Mindful


SleepAWARE - A description of how we can be more Mindful of the natural process of sleep



Bella's Way - A book about dealing Mindfully with grief


Less Exam Stress in 7 Days - A book about Mindful awareness of all performance anxiety


Just A Thought - A poem I wrote on retiring from the NHS


Beautiful Bird - A poem about the uncertainty of life


Missing Man - A poem based on another witnessed real-life event at an airshow


The Gift - A poem about being at a wedding Mindfully (I was there)


The Book - A metaphor


The Box - A metaphor


Story Mind - A true story





xx Mindful BOOKs POEMS

and Writings

Everyday Mindfulness

Noticing Observing and Witnessing ~ NOW is the Practice!


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