Everyday Mindfulness

Tube Phone People Commute Burger Hand Traffic

Mindfulness - A general introduction


Seven Pillars of Mindfulness - Remembering to be Mindful


Mindful Propositions - A further exploration of being Mindful


Mindful Misunderstandings - Common ways in which we go adrift


The MAD Game - MAD standing for Mindless Automatic Routines


Pro Tem Lisp - Speaking more honestly from the heart


The Gift of Litter - A Mindful view of everyday life


Telephone meditation - Another everyday life view


MindCARD - A handy card to remind us to be Mindful


SleepAWARE - Be more Mindful of the natural process of sleep



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xx Mindful BOOKs POEMS

and Writings

Everyday Mindfulness

Noticing Observing and Witnessing ~ NOW is the Practice!


Increasing Mindful Awreness - Remembering to be aware


Just A Thought - A poem I wrote on retiring from the NHS


Beautiful Bird - A poem about the uncertainty of life


Missing Man - A poem based on an event at an airshow


The Gift - A poem about being at a wedding Mindfully


The Book - A metaphor


The Box - A metaphor


Story Mind - A true story


A Reading List ~ Books about Mindfulness


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