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'Less Exam Stress in 7 Days ~ The Mindful Way' This is FREE!  It's the book I wrote whilst I was working with students at Imperial College London and The Royal College of Music. This is a comment from a student who read the book..........."The past couple of months in the run up to the exams have actually been great. I have managed to really get on with things and manage my stress and anxiety levels, actually feeling rather peaceful and settled now. I have not let my tendency to panic get in the way of my revision and work and have generally been able to calm myself down each time i feel the stress coming on. I still listen to your audio guides which are really helpful and generally feel so much more relaxed, level headed and in touch with reality! Long may it continue! Thank you very much for all your help!" 'Less Exam Stress in 7 Days ~ The Mindful Way', is downloadable FREE when you join this site.....


'Bella's Way' is only £3.94 and all proceeds go to Epilepsy Charities. It's the book I wrote for my daughter Annabel, after she died in 2004. It's about grief and how we can grieve Mindfully. The book has been free for download on my website since 2005 - many thanks to those who have read the book and who also have donated to Epilepsy Charities. The book is no longer free for download here or through the Bella's Way site, but it can now be purchased as a Kindle eBook through Amazon. Just click the book cover to view on Amazon.


"Thank you so much for sharing this - it is a wonderful, profoundly moving and heart tugging book."

eBooks about Mindful Grief and Mindful Exam Stress

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