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'Bella's Way' is only £3.94 and all proceeds go to SUDEP Action, which is an epilepsy charity. It's the book I wrote for my daughter Annabel, after she died in 2004. It's about grief and how we can grieve Mindfully. The book has been free for download on my website since 2005 - many thanks to those who have read the book and who also have donated to SUDEP Action. The book is no longer free for download here or through the Bella's Way site, but it can now be purchased as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.


These are a few comments by readers..... "I opened Bella's Way yesterday morning when I switched on the computer and was overwhelmed. It was perhaps as well that I was at work and not able to linger on the poems because each one was touching on such a range of emotions that I couldn't see the screen for the tears."


"The poetry was powerful - evoked some sense of the unimaginable for me..... and the intensity of the verse will surely hint to others - suffering in whatever ways - something of the power and effectiveness of mindfulness."


"Thank you so much for sharing this - it is a wonderful, profoundly moving

 and heart tugging book."

eBook..... 'Bella's Way'

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