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'Bella's Way' is the eBook I wrote for my daughter Annabel, after she died in 2004. It's about grief and how we can grieve Mindfully. The book can be purchased as a Kindle eBook through Amazon cost £3.94*.


These are a few comments by readers..... "I opened Bella's Way yesterday morning when I switched on the computer and was overwhelmed. It was perhaps as well that I was at work and not able to linger on the poems because each one was touching on such a range of emotions that I couldn't see the screen for the tears."


"The poetry was powerful, evoking some sense of the unimaginable for me, and the intensity of the verse will surely hint to others ~ suffering in whatever ways ~ something of the power and effectiveness of mindfulness."


"Thank you so much for sharing this - it is a wonderful, profoundly moving

 and heart tugging book."








*All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to UK based Epilepsy Charity*

eBook..... 'Bella's Way'

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