Everyday Mindfulness

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As you've probably gathered, being able to accept things just as they are is a key part of the practice of Mindfulness.


It's not easy to accept, and learning to accept is not the same as giving up or giving in. Take a look at this

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) summary

if accepting is what you need to do.

Free Handouts about Mindfulness

These are handy reminders about some of the key points regarding Mindfulness.


There are many ways to be Mindful, and there are many ways we think we're being Mindful when we're not.


It's tricky, but fun when you realise

what's really going on.


You might even be able to smile about your mind next time you catch it trying to add

more stress than you need!


Learning to see and let go of Self is not easy when the mind is dedicated to and set up to take care of ME.  Here with 'Wishing Well', we're learning to focus a bit more on others in a kind and compassionate way. There is also the CareAWARE audio guide to listen to and practice with.


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You might want to carry one of these around with you as a reminder!