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The NOW-Q11 is a brief and simple questionnaire which is being completed regularly by many people all over the world. 11 items are scored from 1 ~ Low Mindfulness, to 10 ~ High Mindfulness, so no key is needed. It is purely for keeping track of your mindfulness, and importantly, providing discussion points about real-life examples of times, when a person may have been more or less Mindful. So the questionnaire is useful for Individual Development, for Family Life and for those who want to be more mindful when at Work.  


The NOW-Q11 has been written to contain 7 key items which we can say are the basic 'pillars' of Mindfulness ~ you can read about them in Chapter 2 of 'Full Catastrophe Living' by Jon Kabat-Zinn :– i.e. 1. Patience, 2. Open-Mindedness, 3. Trust, 4. Non-Striving, 5. Accepting, 6. Letting Go, and 7. Non-Judging……plus, there are 4 other items I've added covering:-  8. The Breath, 9. The Body, 10. The Self and 11. Compassion.


You can download a copy of what the 11 factors are about, here:- People say it’s good to be reminded of these things!




If you want to become more Mindful in Everyday Life, use the NOW-Q11 to keep track of how you're doing.


There are 3 versions so far of the questionaire:- NOW~Q11(Individual) ; NOW~Q11(Family) ; NOW~Q11(Work).

You can download a copy of each one here:-


The NOW~Q11  A questionnaire to help you track how

Mindful you are in Everyday Life

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Everyday Mindfulness - Noticing Observing Witnessing - NOW is Awareness!

NOW~Q11(Individual) NOW~Q11(Work) NOW~Q11(Family) 11 Factors of the NOW~Q