Everyday Mindfulness

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Way of Working

Whether with senior executives or with private individuals from all walks of life, Colin’s way of working is based on in-depth, confidential and trust-focused relationships. It involves virtual, face to face and on or off-site confidential meetings. The approach is very practical and down to earth. It is not programmed but centered on the individual and focused on whatever the person wants to share regarding their life and the current difficulties they are having in or out of work and in everyday life. Colin is a psychologist, not a Buddhist, and people of all faiths and none can benefit from really understanding what it means to be mindful. Mindfulness is about knowing what the mind is doing to protect us, take care of us and keep us safe. The process of coaching is one of deep mindful listening and sharing, openness and honesty. There is a review of the person’s history and background, but the emphasis is on what the client needs and what is happening right now, moment to moment, day to day ~ always coming back to now.  According to agreement, each meeting usually lasts 2 hours and may include:-


   • Talking about the current issues and how they are being dealt with.

   • Practical guidance on ways in which the current issues can be approached more mindfully.

   • Understanding clearly the ways in which we misunderstand what it is to be mindful.

   • Guidance on the way of seeing, accepting and allowing change to take place.

   • Possibly sitting in silence with guided reflection on the current issues.

   • Handouts based on key aspects of mindfulness may be given and reviewed, and tracks of guided meditation

        recordings may also be used in and between meetings. It all depends on the person’s needs in the moment.


In between meetings, putting into practice what may have been decided, is obviously helpful too, as is keeping a journal of experiences. It depends on the person and what is best for them. Meetings are arranged on a completely flexible basis. This means dates, times and duration of  meetings are by mutual agreement. There is a period of getting to know one another to see how we get on, and the initial number of meetings is agreed at the start of the sessions. One can usually tell within the first meeting whether this approach is going to be helpful. In conclusion, Colin offers a unique opportunity for senior executive and private individual development through mindful awareness. With the focus on daily life including work and beyond. The invitation is to ask the question:-  “How could I be more mindful in everything I engage with, moment to moment, day by day?”


Colin says…. “Over the years, I have tried many approaches to helping others. I believe from my own personal experience and those whom I have guided, that properly understanding mindfulness is really the best way I know to stop clocking-up so many points for stress and stop adding so much to our own suffering, and those around us. Mindfulness is not always easy to grasp, but it is worth every moment of exploring what it means to be mindful and to be more mindful in everyday life."

Colin's Background